• Introduces leading edge technology that will visualize & empower your Business to put the Customer Demand at the forefront where it belongs.
  • Provides an outstanding customer experience by revolutionising Interaction Routing, Workforce management and Learning & Development across your Contact Centre, Retail, Online and Field Force.
  • The guiding principle of Dirawong Intent Manager is to understand and honour what the customer needs by changing the way your Business thinks of traditional service levels.
  • Automatically refines and predicts the effect these changes will have on your costs and your key performance metrics such as NPS


  • A lightweight solution that converts Voice to API for channels such as Visual IVR Chat, Web Click to Call.
  • Lets user visualize existing call-flows
  • Intuitive regression suite with easy change management
  • Ensures changes are measured and natively rolled out to all channels from a single unified source

Cheetah Visualiser A management tool that allows Users to query and review contact flow journeys, created by Cheetah

An automated batch regression testing engine and comparison tool, used by engineering teams within their CI/CD workflow

A set of SDK/API functions available to 3rd party tools that enable presentation of Cheetah outputs, to a website or mobile application.



  • Caters different channels to communicate to your customers
  • Easily captures long descriptive data more accurate and less redundant
  • Maximize efficiency in collecting information from customers while queue as to prepare information before customers service representatives get to talk to them

Asynchronous Messaging

  • Cross Channel – Provides an incentive to move the customer to a lower cost and richer channel
  • Increases Occupancy – Allows the agent to focus on other work while time-consuming tasks are undertaken by the customer before providing directed feedback
  • Customised responses – Meets the service level needs of the customer by allowing them to respond when it suis them, and gives them the comfort of an escalation path
  • Scalability – Provides a gateway and subscription solution that can be expanded to other communication paths (messaging platforms) without modifying hardware


We can provide support staff to help manage, implement and support your contact centres globally as well as providing agents for both Voice and chat from one of our Manila centres.