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Implement Improved Capabilities To Your Existing Customer Service Channels

Accelerate the speed, reduce the cost, and increase the quality of your digital customer experience solutions with Cheetah – the leading-edge automated testing solution.

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See It - Test It - Improve It

Implement Enhancements To Your Existing Contact Systems With Integrated Analytical Tools

Our solutions provide a visual inspection of your customers’ journey as they move through your service delivery platforms. Make adjustments and live test the impact to optimise your service.


Customer insights software with high impact visuals for intuitive inspection of multi-modal data.


Advanced testing automation solution enabling the simulation and testing of customer experience platforms.


Next  generation  business  rule  management  system  (BRMS) – the brains of your contact centre.


Find out how you can dramatically improve your contact centre’s efficiency

Observe and test your delivery platforms as your customers are using them and make impactful changes for immediate results.


Our Platform And Solutions Will Turn Your Low Performing Benchmarks Into High Performance Areas

Identify, and improve underperforming customer service centres with our fast, reliable and easy-to-use software solutions.

Real-time Data Analysis

Review your customers’ experience as they move through your system.

Risk Mitigation

Manage your risk through comprehensive testing and adequate test coverage of your contact solution.

Faster Solution Times

Pre-platform delivery testing means no more waiting for system reviews delays.

Reduced Solution Costs

Speedy software solutions for fast turn around times translate to real savings.

Industry Leading Expertise

Technical expertise on multiple technologies including IVR, CTI and Speech.

Superior Performance

Outperform competitors using our advanced technology to exceed service goals.


Simplify Complexity Through Visualisation. Execute Faster Through Automation.

How do we do it? The typical customer journey depends on complex technologies working together. With Dirawong our range of advanced tools engage with your systems, testing your network, applications and backend data for improved customer outcomes. 



Cut Through The Maze Of Data To Uncover Hidden Areas Of Improvement

The assortment of visualisation and analytics tools within the Dirawong suite detail contact flows and activity volumes through different business interest lenses. This allows users to gain valuable insight into what your customers need and why your contact solution behaves the way it does – resulting in quicker turnaround times to customer demands, less cumbersome navigation, high impact business changes, and well-utilized business resources across the board.

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Improve Rapidly And Risk-free Using Our Automated Testing Solutions.

With our products, companies can drastically increase test coverage and volume while reducing project costs and shortening the timeline. They can continuously improve the quality of their systems without the high risk of exposing customers to negative issues. This leads to higher customer satisfaction and retention.



Cutting Edge Products, Agile Management And Consultancy Services

Dirawong’s  Customer Experience (CX) solutions  are predominantly engineering focussed but contain easy to read dashboards that enable easy visualisation of KPI’s and other metrics that can be understood by executives

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