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Understand your customers’ journey through your system and be there where it matters using high impact visualisations and analytics with Dragonfly.

Understanding customer intent is one of the most important tools in a business arsenal. Discerning motivations and knowing how your business can be a part of a customer’s objectives is the best way to improve customer satisfaction.

Large companies often have complex and cumbersome contact solutions that may be able to handle wide varieties of customer requests. However, these complex solutions can make interaction and navigation very difficult for customers. Furthermore, customer interactions are often routed to business resources that are either overutilized or are not well-equipped to assist the customer. These problems compound exponentially as more customers enter the system, leading to delays, frustration, and a less than satisfactory customer experience.

Dirawong Engineers—using decades of experience working with the largest companies in various industries—excel in using data to visualise customer activities and in providing actionable customer insights.

Dirawong’s Dragonfly intent management tool brings customer intent to the forefront of your business through its four major themes: Visualisation, Management, Reporting Analytics, and Simulation. Both business-side and development stakeholders use Dragonfly, which connects directly to their systems, to view how these systems are configured.

Dragonfly enables changes to these configurations and allows businesses to see how their changes impact the customer journey through an assortment of visualisation and analytics tools. This means businesses can view how customers interact through a lens of call summaries, calls by intent, calls by the hour, agent rostering, and other points of interest within the business.

With Dragonfly, businesses can identify where they can implement changes to make the most impact both in customer satisfaction and resource utilization.

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How It Works

Product Features

Path Visualisation

Using data aggregations, Dragonfly can visualise the various paths that your customers experience within your contact solution.

User Dashboards

Users can create a mix of test result dashboards and analytics dashboards to highlight metrics that are important to them.


Multiple analytics modules have are available within the suite to allow the analysis of various business interests.

Test Coverage Reporting

Users will be able to view their test coverage as a function of both total Test Cases and Contact Flow Volume.

Configuration Management

With direct connectivity with your contact solution, Dragonfly enables you to view the configurations within your contact solution.

CX Simulation

With direct connectivity to your chat and IVR solutions, simulate chat and voice interactions with the chat and voice visualiser tools.

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