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Deploy enhancements worry-free and without the hassle of setting up physical telephony systems with Cheetah through expanding your test coverage and connecting directly with your applications.

Service  delivery  organizations  need  to  manage  and  maintain  quality  standards  for  their  complex  contact  systems  if they  are  to  aim  for  every  customer’s  experience  to  be  flawless.  But  even  the  most  thoroughly  tested  and  optimized  systems  encounter  unexpected  failures.  Many  organizations  fall  well short  of  testing  and  monitoring  their  systems  adequately  in  order  to identify  issues  as  soon as  they  arise.   

To  stay  a  leader  in  the  industry,  companies  need  to  rapidly  innovate  and  implement  new  or  improved  capabilities  to  their  existing  systems.  The  challenges  of  deploying  system  and  process  changes  include  potential  degradation  of  existing  functions,  difficulty  to  comprehensively  test  manually,  and  lengthy  implementation  timelines. Ultimately this can have  grave  implications  on both performance and  cost.  

To  increase  the  speed, reduce  the  cost,  and  increase  the  quality  of  their  solutions,  companies  look  to  automated testing, and that’s where Dirawong excels.

Dirawong’s  Cheetah brings  test  automation  at  scale  to  call  delivery  platforms.  It  supports  Agile,  CI/CD,  and  DevOps  processes.  Experienced  delivery teams  use  Cheetah  to  identify  defects,  perform  rapid  triage,  and  view  comprehensive  test  result  history,  by  connecting  directly  to  the  platform  logging.   

With  Cheetah,  companies  can  dramatically increase  test  coverage  and  volume  while  reducing  project  costs  and  shortening  the  timeline.  They  can  continuously  improve  the  quality  of  their  systems  without  the  high  risk  of  exposing  customers  to  issues  —  leading  to  customer  satisfaction  and  retention.  

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How It Works

Product Features

Rapid baseline seeding

Proprietary technology   interrogates existing platforms  to  retrieve “real-world” user  paths and automatically generates a baseline  test  suite for high volume/value  CX  journeys.

Single point of validation

Cheetah collates all logs to determine exact failure points, removing the need to manually search through multiple application logs.

Visualise solution paths

Easily digestible visual  reports show granular  detail from logs, grouped & highlighted for easily  identifying defect  resolution.

Multi-channel testing

Cheetah  provides  a  true  multi-channel  testing  capability,  including  voice  chat  in  visual  or  batch  mode.

Industry Leading Expertise

Technical expertise on multiple technologies including IVR, CTI and Speech.

Superior Performance

Outperform competitors using our advanced technology to exceed service goals.

End-to-end testing

From  contact  intent  capture  to  agent  browser,  Cheetah  covers  the  IVR  and  chat  session  through  to  agent  target  rules,  transfer  messages,  and  contact  termination  handling.  

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