What We Do

With proven track record in delivering solutions to the most complex ‘Telco’ vertical in Australia and servicing customers in Australia, United States and South East Asia, Dirawong Australia provides the best possible customer experience by simplifying complexities through high availability multi-channel product solutions including technologies such as Internet, Mobile/ Tablet apps, IVR, CTI and Speech Recognition integrating with customer profile data and database systems to provide intelligent call handling and call management via self-service. Dirawong Professional Services team that are experts in Dirawong products and multiple 3rd party technologies in IVR, CTI and Speech interfaces with the clients to ensure that the best implementation matches both the technical and business needs of the customer.

What We Offer

Leverage over 20 years of expertise in communications software and infrastructure solutions. With expertise in Dirawong products and third party IVR, CTI, and Speech Interface technologies, the Dirawong team will help you achieve your goals from planning to implementation.

Consultancy Services

Dirawong has established a ‘best in practice’ approach to contact centre technologies that utilises the knowledge and experience of their resources to offer solutions that interface with your customers in a professional, efficient and cost-effective manner whilst providing the best possible customer experience.


Our teams are well established in the Customer Contact capabilities delivery process. Utilising both our local consultants and technical leads together with our back-office engineering team, we have a strong history of delivery into our clients and have continually responded to growth effectively and without disrupting our committed programs.

Proud Customers