Our Story

Dirawong is an Australian based company founded in 2010 by an experienced, professional management team with more than two decades  experience in communications software and infrastructure solutions.

Offering highly effective service solutions across a variety of customer service channels, Dirawong Australia has a proven track record in delivering customer service solutions for Fortune 500 organisations based throughout Australia, United States and South East Asia.

Developers of our own range of innovative and groundbreaking software products like Cheetah, Godzilla and Dragonfly that have set new industry benchmarks for customer service solutions. 

Dirawong Professional Services team are experts in Dirawong products and multiple 3rd party technologies in IVR, CTI and Speech interfaces with the clients to ensure that the best implementation matches both the technical and business needs of the customer.

What We Do

Dirawong Australia provides better customer experiences by identifying service improvements via multi-channel product technologies including:

  • Internet – including Mobile/ Tablet apps
  • IVR, CTI
  • Speech Recognition –  integrating with customer profile data and database systems to provide intelligent call handling and call management via self-service. 

Differentiate and Innovate

Our passion is to help our customers ‘Visualise’, ‘Automate’ and ‘Optimise’. That’s why we have developed Cheetah, the world’s first omnichannel, end-to-end application and runtime environment. Cheetah utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to auto-generate test suites and design documentation. Cheetah’s automated testing capabilities are not telephony dependent, significantly reducing time to market and increased return on investment.

Our Approach


Our technical team is responsive to your business demands. We’re here to offer new solutions as you need them.


We offer solutions that are measurable, effective and reliable and lead to better service outcomes.


Our customer software solutions can scale with your business, matching your growing business needs.


Our agile development environment includes an easily integrated API and modern SDKs, for fast, on premise or cloud based deployment.

AI Solutions

Our bots and virtual assistants are designed for a variety of sectors  whether that’s finance, telco, or any other industry.


Our team is experienced in leading edge technologies. We’ll partner with you to deliver successful outcomes.

Innovative CX solutions that will Empower your Business to succeed

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