With proven track record in delivering solutions to the most complex ‘Telco’ vertical in Australia and servicing customers in Australia, United States and South East Asia, Dirawong Australia provides the best possible customer experience by simplifying complexities through high availability multi-channel product solutions including technologies such as Internet, Mobile/ Tablet apps, IVR, CTI and Speech Recognition integrating with customer profile data and database systems to provide intelligent call handling and call management via self-service. Dirawong Professional Services team that are experts in Dirawong products and multiple 3rd party technologies in IVR, CTI and Speech interfaces with the clients to ensure that the best implementation matches both the technical and business needs of the customer.

AI LIVE CHAT – Messaging

Implementation and management of AI Solutions from our Technology Partners in Finance and Telco. This best in market solution combined with exception handling via our live agent chat agents, provide excellent customer service at a fraction of the cost of traditional contact centre solutions.

Our AI platforms power virtual assistants and smart bots across mobile, messaging, and wearables. Built with industry-specific domain expertise, we match the best solution to your requirements. Our bots and virtual assistants are well-versed in your business whether that’s finance, Telco, or any other industry.

Built from the ground up, our agile development environment includes an easy-to-integrate API and modern SDKs, so you can deploy in weeks rather than months. Choose between on premise or cloud-based deployments.

No coding required. That’s because we enable a network of intents wired at runtime to enable human-like, cross-intent conversational experiences. We include a deep-learning analytical toolset for data collection and analysis, model training, testing, and deployment. And our comprehensive, self-serve customer portal provides real-time reporting.

Our platform can be rapidly calibrated, trained, and customized for each industry and business to uniquely fulfill requests, solve problems, and predict needs for your customers. Whether your enterprise is retail, insurance, healthcare, travel, or transportation, it can be made fluent in your domain.

We enable the creation of a single “AI brain” that is extensible across channels for a seamless customer experience, including messaging, mobile, and wearables. Customers can choose the communications mode they prefer: voice, text, or touch.


Dirawong Professional Services Team has a solid understanding of the emerging landscape of Call Centres & their transition to Digital and can leverage current technologies and partners to deliver the required components of your business. By embracing the working techniques and incorporating them into the Agile Team, our multi-skilled team has developed important understanding and experience with large Telco project.


Our' Customer Interaction Consultants' have at least 10 years of experience working with various technology.

Always There For You

Our technical employees make use of their abilities, experience and creativity to bring your vision to life while offering a solid solution that delivers unparalleled reliability.

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Provides every tool needed to turn prospects into satisfied customers.

Taking Care of Business

Providing clients with the finest possible independent solution tailored to their individual requirements.

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Great customer experience increases profits and lowers lead acquisition cost.

Empower your Business

Handle more business with less outlay. We deliver a fully managed service that is custom-made to your requirements.

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Dirawong Professional services team have extensive experience at the forefront of scaled agile transition and delivery in many major Australian enterprises. Our team was responsible for driving the early adoption at Telstra, orchestrating the first major transition of the Contact Solutions team of 150 resources utilising the SAFe(r) principles

We achieved stand-out success stories, not just in transitioning the people and the working process, but in delivering valuable solutions, from idea to production in days rather than months. Reducing costs, removing waste and responding dynamically to the changing landscape.

We have been instrumental in the transition of other Service providers such as NBN & Optus; we have joined their in-house teams and when Dirawong is used for outsourced projects our teams leverage these same principles to deliver iteratively in our cloud hosted solutions. Our resources can provide expertise at all levels of the team, from Agile coaching, Iteration management, Engineering, Test Automation & have experience with DevOps implementation.