Large Banking, Insurance, and Wealth Management Firm

Cheetah was a huge help to our team in meeting our platform migration timelines. We were able to build enhancements for both our routing strategy and IVR at the same time, reduced our build and deployment timeframe by approximately 5 weeks.

Testing was a breeze, since the test cases were being automatically generated as the changes came in. This step normally would have taken our testers months to plan and create manually.

Big thanks to the Dirawong team for helping us out

Senior Manager, Customer Care Team

  • Autogenerated over 1,000 Test cases using the Cheetah Tool within first week. Creating these test cases manually would have taken months
  • Started testing during build phase where test cases passed as the % complete of build increased providing confidence and that build was aligned to the design and saving months of manual test case creation and testing post build.
  • Full regression and progression test suite at end of project that could be run within 30 minutes to manage and test changes.
  • Test summary report against 1,000 test cases could be run in less than 30 minutes with dashboard visualization of results that could be viewed by project team.
  • Enablement of rapid change during build due to ease of running test suite as well as testing post deployment changes in live system